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5 Things you may or may not know about Red-backed Fairy-wren

Friday, 1 September 2023

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5 Things you may or may not know about Red-backed Fairy-wrens

  1. In the lead-up to breeding season, Red-backed Fairy-wrens perform a number of novel-sounding displays, including the Puffball display, Wing-shrinking display and Seahorse Flights.
  2. In another display, the male gently presents a female wren with either a red petal or a red berry — specially chosen to match his red plumage — when hoping to mate with her.
  3. Although males have brilliant red-and-black breeding plumage, some may breed while clad in drab, brown, non-breeding plumage.
  4. Red-backed Fairy-wrens build a domed nest of grass, bark and leaves, usually situated just above the ground in a tussock of grass, but very occasionally placed in a tangle of vines.
  5. Like most fairy-wrens, Red-backed Fairy-wrens have helpers to assist with nest duties, but some are so helpful that they have been seen helping feed a brood of Superb Fairy-wren nestlings as well!