• Governance, Boards and Committees

As a Director, you’ll play a critical role alongside other Board members in the strategic leadership of the organisation.

As a skills-based Board, BirdLife Australia encourages nominations from candidates who will advise on the implementation of the organisation’s strategy.

Specific expertise is sought in the following areas:

  • fundraising and marketing
  • digital media and communications
  • philanthropic networks
  • finance and governance
  • community participation/civil society leadership
  • ambassadors with a public profile

To be considered for this role you will have:

  • been a member of BirdLife Australia for at least three months;
  • the personal skills to communicate and work with other Board members and the Leadership Team in a constructive, challenging and supportive manner;
  • the capacity to use your own networks and contacts to increase the organisation’s reach and impact; and
  • an interest in bird and nature conservation and a desire to make a difference

Please read the position description for more information.

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