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About the role

We are installing 60 artificial nesting hollows in areas that have been depleted of hollow-bearing trees, including Big Heath, Bool Lagoon, Glenroy, Hacks Lagoon, Mary Seymour and Penola Conservation Parks.

We’re looking for volunteers to monitor these artificial nest boxes and collect important information about native birds. Surveys will be conducted on a quarterly basis. There’s also the opportunity to carry out some small manual tasks, like attaching wire to help with installation.

This will generate important insights into artificial hollow occupancy and breeding attempts.

As a Nest Box volunteer, you will:

  • Travel to Nest Box sites
  • Conduct a survey
  • Record and report the data to BirdLife Australia
  • Do a small amount of deployment preparation, like attaching wire to the nest boxes

To do this role, you need:

  • A method of transport
  • Training on how to conduct the survey

Who the role is suited to:

  • People with an interest in monitoring birds
  • People who have the means to travel to the monitoring sites
  • People living in or near the Naracoorte-Lucindale and Wattle Range Councils

This project is supported by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board Grassroots Grants program and is funded by the regional landscape levy.

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