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Nestled on the rugged coast of Western Australia, where the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean meets the ancient, windswept shores, lies the Eyre Bird Observatory. This remote outpost stands as a beacon of conservation and discovery, offering a gateway to the wilderness unlike any other.

The observatory itself is a testament to resilience, a weather-beaten structure standing against the elements, a symbol of humanity’s dedication to understanding and preserving the natural word.

Running the Eyre Bird Observatory is not just a task; it’s a vital mission that extends far beyond its remote location. The dedicated team in Perth plays a crucial role in ensuring the observatory’s operations and conservation efforts continue seamlessly.

The Eyre Bird Observatory relies on the dedication of its committee members to manage and support its operations. The committee members play a vital role in ensuring the observatory’s sustainability and its ability to fulfill its conservation objectives.

From coordinating courses, managing finances and coordinating research projects, committee members are essential for the observatory’s day-to-day functioning.

By becoming a committee member, you can directly contribute to the observatory’s mission and help shape its future.

Committee members, as well as participating in committee meetings, can also join branch subcommittees. We currently have three, dealing respectively with conservation, activities, and social media and communications. And living in a regional area would be no barrier to your participation in our committee or any subcommittee as meetings are held online. 

Members of our management committee are required to be financial members of BirdLife Australia – you can join at this link. 

So, if you are passionate about Australian birds and the urgent need to protect them, fill in the application form below.

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