BirdLife Australia’s mission to save birds

For over 120 years, we’ve been at the forefront of bird conservation in Australia. Thanks to our supporters, and to the science which informs our actions, we’ve achieved some incredible outcomes for threatened birds – but now, we’re facing our greatest challenge yet: Australia’s extinction crisis.

Halting bird extinctions

Today, almost 1 in 6 Australian birds are threatened with extinction. Our birds are facing growing threats like climate change, fire, habitat loss and predation by introduced species – which is why we’re stepping up our conservation efforts across the country.

Our bold new Bird Conservation Strategy is the blueprint to saving Australia’s birds. Now, our mission is guided by strong, ambitious targets – to stop the extinction of birds by 2032, improve the status of 30% of threatened birds by 2032 and halt overall bird declines by 2050.

Read our 2023-2032 Bird Conservation Strategy

The four pillars of our strategy

  • Sites

    Protecting and restoring important places for birds. Habitat destruction and degradation affects 93% of threatened species of birds. Ensuring the protection of our beloved birds means protecting and restoring the places they live, both on land and at sea.

  • Society

    Empowering you to take action. BirdLife Australia has more than 330,000 supporters. We all have a role to play in protecting our native birds. Whether making a donation or donating your time, you can make an impact and help to save Australian birds.

  • Species

    Saving birds is what we're all about. Over 200 species of birds across Australia are currently threatened with extinction, and many more are in decline. BirdLife Australia works to stop threatened birds from becoming extinct, with a program of conservation action.

  • Systems

    Saving nature by changing laws and industries. Lax laws and short-sighted business practices are killing birds. We are committed to redressing the balance by working with industry and government to ensure protecting nature is at the forefront of decisions, policies and practices.

With your support, we can stop bird extinctions and help nature recover through:

Recovery actions

BirdLife Australia will champion species conservation and a long-term future for all Australian native birds and act as the national authority on bird conservation. We will prevent human-driven extinction of threatened birds, improve their conservation status and halt overall bird species population declines.

Building partnerships

When it comes to conservation, collaboration is key – we can’t tackle the extinction crisis alone. That’s why BirdLife Australia is partnering with leading experts and organisations, communities and landholders to save birds and nature for the benefit of us all.


Australia is a world leader in deforestation, and habitat loss and destruction is driving our extinction crisis. But we can change this. We’re working to protect what’s left, restore fragile and damaged ecosystems and help put nature on the path to recovery.

Other ways to get involved

Donate Today

Australia is in an extinction crisis. Our birds are under threat and their breeding and feeding habitats are being destroyed.

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Support a Campaign

We are challenging and addressing the systemic drivers of native bird decline. Together we can save birds and restore places.

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Donate to help save our majestic Swifties!

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to secure new strong national nature laws that address the key threat pushing our Critically Endangered Swift Parrot to extinction – habitat destruction by native logging.

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Resources, Actions & Facts


Supporter Impact Report

Our 2023 Impact Report celebrates the remarkable achievements made possible by our community of bird lovers.

Read the 2023 report

Strong Nature Laws

Our national laws are not doing enough to halt the extinction crisis. We need our representatives to deliver strong nature laws.

Take action

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are the heroes of our conservation work. By volunteering your time, effort or skills, you’re making our projects a reality.

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