Safety (OHS)

On this page you will find all the relevant Occupational Health and Safety documentation for the BirdLife Australia's employees, contractors, volunteers and visitors.

BirdLife Australia OHS Policy (PDF - 357 KB)

BirdLife Fieldwork Policy and Procedure (PDF - 712 KB)

BirdLife_Incident-Hazard_Report_Form (DOC - 207 KB)

Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Workplace Bullying Policy (PDF - 127 KB)

Conflict Resolution Policy and Procedure (PDF - 139 KB)

Conflict Resolution or Complaint Form (DOCX - 41 KB)

Emergency Response Policy and Procedure (PDF - 291 KB)

Guidelines for Leading Groups on Outings (PDF - 588 KB)

List of Attendees Sign on Form (DOCX - 47 KB)

Equal Opportunity Policy (PDF - 162 KB)

Workplace Values & Behaviours (PDF - 622 KB)