Occupational Health and Safety

On this page you will find all the relevant Occupational Health and Safety documentation for the BirdLife Australia's employees, contractors, volunteers and visitors.

BirdLife Australia OHS Policy (PDF - 357 KB)

BirdLife Fieldwork Policy and Procedure (PDF - 712 KB)

BirdLife Incident-Hazard Report Form (DOC - 392 KB)

Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Workplace Bullying Policy (PDF - 127 KB)

Conflict Resolution Policy and Procedure (PDF - 139 KB)

Conflict Resolution or Complaint Form (DOCX - 41 KB)

Emergency Response Policy and Procedure (PDF - 291 KB)

Guidelines for Leading Groups on Outings (PDF - 588 KB)

List of Attendees Sign on Form (DOCX - 47 KB)

Equal Opportunity Policy (PDF - 162 KB)

Workplace Values & Behaviours (PDF - 622 KB)