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BirdLife Australia is leading the way in bird conservation. We work tirelessly to recover the most threatened wild bird species and restore local environments.

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Woodland Birds like our Critically Endangered Regent Honeyeaters are in crisis. There was once a time when these special birds flourished in immense numbers — but today, our experts estimate fewer than 250 birds remain. Without urgent action, our Woodland Birds will vanish forever.

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Protect Swift Parrots Forever

Swift Parrots are one of the only parrots in the world that migrates every year, making the long journey from Tasmania to mainland Australia in search of flowering gum trees. Yet, bushfires and continued native forest logging threaten this incredible bird's existence.

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Stronger National Nature Laws

Our national laws are not doing enough to halt the extinction crisis. To make a difference, we need our representatives to deliver stronger nature laws.

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We've identified 334 Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) across Australia. These are the irreplaceable biodiversity hotspots that birds can't live without.


We've helped release hundreds captive-bred Regent Honeyeaters in Victoria and NSW to boost the population of this critically endangered species.


On crowded beaches, Hooded Plover chicks are now 400% more likely to fledge successfully thanks to the work of our Beach-nesting Birds team.

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