Protect Swift Parrots Forever

Swift Parrots are one of the only parrots in the world that migrates every year, making the long journey from Tasmania to mainland Australia in search of flowering gum trees. Yet, bushfires and continued native forest logging threaten this incredible bird's existence.

CR Critically Endangered (CR)

We must end native forest logging in Swift Parrot habitat

The biggest threat to Swift Parrots is the destruction of their habitat.

Two of the major culprits are the State-Government owned logging corporations of New South Wales and Tasmania.

This threat could be quickly ended if our elected representatives took action to protect the Swift Parrot’s habitat.

We need your voice to help change the laws which are making Swift Parrots disappear.

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Join us in calling on Minister Plibersek to improve the Swift Parrot national recovery plan.

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Swift Parrots breed only in Tasmania and then fly across Bass Strait to forage on flowering eucalypts in open box–ironbark forests of the Australian mainland.

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