Aussie Bird Count

10 reasons why you should join the 10th Aussie Bird Count

Thursday, 12 October 2023

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We’re counting down until we can get counting – and our 10th Aussie Bird Count is just a few short days away!

From 16‒22 October, join us in watching and counting the birds around you – whether it’s your backyard, local park or favourite outdoor space.

If you’re on the fence, let us convince you with 10 reasons why you should join in the 10th Aussie Bird Count!

A black-and-white Laughing Kookaburra perched on a wooden fence in the middle of the frame.
If you’re on the fence, let us convince you! Laughing Kookaburra by Christina McIlroy

1. It’s quick and easy – and takes just 20 minutes.

You don’t need to be an ornithologist to take part in the Aussie Bird Count – it’s for everyone!

To take part, register as a counter via our website and download our Aussie Bird Count app.

Then, from 16 October, simply spend 20 minutes in the one place watching, counting and recording the birds that you see. Enter your location in the app (or through our online web form) and the name and number of each bird species you see, then submit your count after your 20 minutes is up!

2. It’s a great excuse to get outdoors!

We can never spend enough time outdoors, and many of us struggle to find and make time to connect with nature – especially those of us who live in the city. But you’re in luck! The Aussie Bird Count is the perfect excuse to leave the house or office and enjoy some quality time spent in nature.

Each count takes just 20 minutes, so even if you’re pressed for time, you can squeeze in a quick survey at any time of day – like on your lunch break!

Spring is a particularly busy time in the bird world with many species now on the move or breeding, nesting and raising their chicks, so wherever you are, you’re bound to see birds.

In the middle of the frame, an Australian Magpie is flying towards the camera with wings outstretched and against a blue sky.
But watch out for swoopy bois! Australian Magpie by Jeff Groves.

3. It’s fun for the whole family.

The Aussie Bird Count is fun for everyone, no matter their age or experience – and it’s also a fantastic way to get your kids curious and excited about birds and science long after the count is over. You can count together and count from anywhere – from home, at school, in your backyard or a nearby park or any outdoor space of your choosing.

If you’re after more birding fun, check out our website for bird quizzes, bird bingo cards, bird colouring sheets and more!

Bird Bingo sheet
Our Bird Bingo cards are fun for the whole family!

4. You can contribute to bird research and conservation efforts.

It’s for a good cause, too! These 20-minute counts help BirdLife Australia’s scientists learn more about the birds that live where people live and collect valuable data for conservation efforts.

The Aussie Bird Count provides a snapshot of Australian bird populations at the same time each year. This helps us track how bird populations are faring and changing – and if they’re declining – over time. Each count is vetted for accuracy by our team and included in Birdata, our national bird monitoring program. This data helps fill important knowledge gaps and can inform our own work protecting our local native birds and their habitat – so every count counts.

5. Brush up on your bird ID!

The Aussie Bird Count is a great way to put your bird identification skills to the test and get to know your local birds. Our app even has a handy built-in “Bird Finder” tool to help you identify birds you’re unsure of, and watch our What bird is that? video series for more bird ID tips and tricks for common and commonly confused backyard bird species.

For more information on your local birds, check out our Aussie Bird Count resources and bird profile pages – or take our bird quizzes for a fun challenge!

6. Birdwatching is good for you!

Around the world, mounting scientific evidence is revealing the profound benefits to our mental health and wellbeing that birds and birdwatching can offer.

Watching birds can reduce our stress and anxiety, decrease mental fatigue and even improve our mood and cognitive functioning – not to mention it encourages all-important physical activity and time spent outdoors and in nature. What’s not to love?

Read more about the many mental health benefits of birding.

7. You could win big.

By taking part in our Aussie Bird Count, you’ll be in it to win it!

Once the count starts on 16 October, all you need to do is submit at least one 20-minute survey over the week for your chance to win some of our incredible prizes – courtesy of our very generous count sponsors and fellow bird-lovers. There’s thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes up for grabs, including a birding camera package donated by OM Digital Solutions!

Check out the prize pool and register to count (and win!) at: aussiebirdcount.org.au

OM SYSTEM Digital Camera Package
OM SYSTEM Digital Camera Package

8. You can help make history.

Can you help make our 10th Aussie Bird Count our biggest and best one yet?

This year, we want to see more people counting more birds than ever before! Join us in counting every day of the week and help us beat the record for the most participants and the most birds counted in Aussie Bird Count history. Can we do it?

9. It’s a great introduction to citizen science.

Join one of Australia’s biggest citizen science events!

By taking part, you’re practicing some basic surveying techniques – which means you already have the tools you need to conduct regular bird surveys and become a citizen scientist year-round.

The 20-minute, 2-hectare survey – recording all species seen and heard over 20 minutes and within a 2-hectare area – is a standard in Australian birding. These surveys are quick, efficient and rich in data, and especially useful in monitoring how bird populations are changing over time and between different habitats.

Find out more about bird survey methods.

10. You’ll be part of a movement for Australia’s birds.

Noticing birds is the first step towards caring about them – and where conservation begins.

Over the past 10 years, the Aussie Bird Count has helped raise the profile of Australia’s birds, encouraging thousands of people around the country to connect with nature and get to know the birds around them. For many people, the count is their first foray into the bird world and citizen science – and often, it’s their first count of many. For some, it’s the beginning of a lifelong love of birds and bird conservation. Together, we are starting a movement for Australia’s birds.

Join in the Aussie Bird Count fun from 16‒22 October by registering as a counter today.