Aussie Bird Count

By telling us about the birds you’ve seen within a 20-minute period, you will help BirdLife Australia develop an understanding of local birds while getting to know the wildlife on your doorstep.

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The Aussie Bird Count is for everyone!

The Aussie Bird Count is for all ages and involves observing and counting the birds that live near you, be it in your garden, the local park, the beach or even outside your office window! You don’t need to be an expert birder to take part — all you need is a little enthusiasm!

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10 reasons why you should join the 10th Aussie Bird Count

Our 10th Aussie Bird Count is just a few short days away! If you’re on the fence, let us convince you with 10 reasons why you should count.

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What Bird is That? Ravens and Crows

In this video, we’re learning all about Crows and Ravens – and the easiest ways to tell Australia’s 5 species apart according to their location and calls.

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10 birds you might see during the Aussie Bird Count

The Aussie Bird Count is just one week away, so it’s time to brush up on your bird knowledge!

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Rainbow Lorikeet

The Rainbow Lorikeet is unmistakable with its bright red beak and colourful plumage.

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Noisy Miner

The Noisy Miner is a bold and curious bird. It is identified by its mostly grey body and black crown and cheeks. The bill is yellow, as are the legs.

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Common Myna

The Common Myna is a member of the Starling family. It is brown with a black head, yellow bill and legs. In flight it shows large white wing patches.

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Crested Pigeon

The Crested Pigeon is a stocky pigeon with thin black crest. The plumage is grey-brown, becoming pink. Its wings are glossy green-purple with black bars.

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Rock Dove

The Rock Dove is native to Europe, Africa and Asia. In Australia, the Rock Dove has not ventured far from human settlement, being found in large numbers

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