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Tragically, very few of these beautiful birds now remain – the estimated wild population is just 100 mature individuals. Over 80% of the Kyloring population has been lost to severe fires since 2009. Their population is rapidly declining and they are at risk of disappearing forever.

CR Critically Endangered (CR)

Critically Endangered Kyloring need your help to survive

The Kyloring’s future is hanging by a thread – but it’s not too late to save them.  

While we often associate birds with flight, not all birds favour the skies…  

For Western Ground Parrots, also known as Kyloring in the local Noongar language, the ground is their sanctuary. But without immediate action, these unique birds won’t be around for much longer. 

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These shy little birds are counting on your support to survive

The Critically Endangered Kyloring’s population is rapidly declining. Over 80% of their population has been lost to severe fires since 2009.  

Only 100 mature individuals are estimated to remain in the wild. Just one large-scale fire could be catastrophic for the last Kyloring. They need help urgently. 

In 2015, fires destroyed 90% of their precious heathland habitat. The birds who escaped were still recovering when they lost a further 40% of their remaining home to fires in 2020.  

Today, they are confined to one remnant population and a second small translocated population in Western Australia. And as climate change worsens, the risk of more frequent and more severe fires increases… Can you help?

The Kyloring’s future is hanging by a thread, but it’s not too late to save critically endangered birds like these.  Please donate today. 

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Protect vital strongholds

so at-risk birds are safer from future large-scale fires and habitat loss.

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for critical monitoring of these cryptic birds, to better understand and protect them

Monitor our birds

Support wild-to-wild translocations

to help safeguard Kyloring into the future

Safeguard their future

Western Ground Parrot

The 'Critically Endangered' Western Ground Parrot or Kyloring is relatively small and elusive, restricted to coastal heathland in southern Western Australia.

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