Strong National Nature Laws

Our national laws are not doing enough to halt the extinction crisis. To make a difference, we need our representatives to deliver strong nature laws.

CR Critically Endangered (CR)

Our laws need to work for nature

Momentum is building for strong nature laws in Australia.

After years of campaigning together to hold the line for the birds and places we love, we are so close. The Federal Environment Minister has committed to introduce new laws.

We need your support now, more than ever to inspire your Federal MP to be a champion for strong nature laws.

Join the Act for Birds campaign and join us in the fight for strong nature laws.

Resources, Actions & Facts


Meet with your Federal MP

The 2021 State of Environment report has been released, and the news is shocking. Now is the time to meet your MP and continue the call for strong nature laws.

Act now

Use Social Media for Advocacy

Social media is a powerful advocacy tool for birds.

Tweet for birds

The 2021 State of the Environment report

The 2021 State of the Environment report (SoE 2021) provides an evidence-based assessment of the state of Australia’s environment.

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Key Biodiversity Areas

Our planet is facing mass extinction and needs our help. We have partnered with other global conservation organisations to protect our most important places for nature. These places are called Key Biodiversity Areas.

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Swift Parrot

The Critically Endangered Swift Parrot is mostly bright green, with a dark-blue patch on the crown. Breeds in Tasmania and migrates to the mainland for winter.

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Western Ground Parrot

The 'Critically Endangered' Western Ground Parrot or Kyloring is relatively small and elusive, restricted to coastal heathland in southern Western Australia.

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Hooded Plover

The Hooded Plover is a medium-sized, pale brownish-grey plover. It has a black head and a white nape, and the black hindneck collar extends around and forks ont

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