Our laws must work for nature

The Australian Government have announced that they intend to establish an enforcement agency before we fix our current nature laws. Only a full package of reforms can protect birds.

CR Critically Endangered (CR)

Our laws need to work for nature

The Australian Government have announced a new enforcement agency, but failed to deliver the rest of the package Australian birds and nature needs to stop an extinction crisis in Australia.

Building enforcement and information bodies without delivering strong standards for nature simply won’t work. It’s like setting up a court to administer broken laws.

Help ensure the Government pass the full reforms package birds need. Simply:

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It will only take you seconds, to help ensure the Albanese Government delivers on its promise of no new extinctions.

Together, we can get the laws we need, to protect the birds you love, forever!

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Strong Nature Laws

Join our campaign calling for the Federal Government to deliver strong nature laws and save our threatened birds from extinction.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Latest EPBC reforms won’t halt extinctions

16 APRIL, 2024: BirdLife Australia says an announcement by Minister Plibersek today is not enough to save Australian species from extinction.

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Local actions for strong nature laws

Help secure strong new nature laws for Australia, by reminding your MP of the local birds they love!

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Swift Parrot

The Critically Endangered Swift Parrot is mostly bright green, with a dark-blue patch on the crown. Breeds in Tasmania and migrates to the mainland for winter.

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Western Ground Parrot

The 'Critically Endangered' Western Ground Parrot or Kyloring is relatively small and elusive, restricted to coastal heathland in southern Western Australia.

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Hooded Plover

The Hooded Plover is a medium-sized, pale brownish-grey plover. It has a black head and a white nape, and the black hindneck collar extends around and forks ont

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