Dusky Woodswallow

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Habitat: Woodland, Forest


The Dusky Woodswallow is found in open forests and woodlands and may be seen along roadsides and on golf courses.


Dusky Woodswallows swivel their tails in a ‘tail wag’ that is typical of the whole woodswallow group.


The Dusky Woodswallow feeds on insects taken on the wing, as well as from foliage and on the ground. It also eats nectar from flowers.


The Dusky Woodswallow nests colonially in ‘neighbourhoods’. The nest is a loose bowl of twigs, grass and roots, lined with fine grass, and is placed in a tree fork, behind bark, in a stump hollow or in a fence post, about 1 m – 10 m above the ground. Each pair builds the nest, incubates the eggs and feeds the young.