Eastern Whipbird

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Habitat: Forest, Rainforest


Eastern Whipbirds live in wet habitats, including rainforest, eucalypt forest and dense scrub near watercourses, in dense vegetation near the ground.


The Eastern Whipbird birds is a sedentary bird and remains in the same area all year round. The birds are secretive, but can be curious, and will be seen if the observer remains patient.


The Eastern Whipbird feeds on insects and other small invertebrates, which are caught on the ground by the bill. Feeding takes place alone, in pairs, or in small family groups.


A breeding pair of Eastern Whipbirds occupies a territory, which is defended year-round, with the mates staying together for many years. The female makes a cup nest of sticks and bark, which is lined with finer grasses and placed in dense vegetation near the ground. The clutch size is 2-3 eggs and the female incubates the eggs for approximately 18 days. The nestling period is 12 days and the young birds are fed by both parents. Sometimes two broods are raised in a single season. Breeding season is from July to December.