Little Egret

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Habitat: Wetland, Coastal


The Little Egret frequents tidal mudflats, saltwater and freshwater wetlands, and mangroves.


The Little Egret will spread one or both of its wings to shade the water while stalking prey. The Little Egret sometimes joins Cattle Egrets to feed in grassland near domestic cattle


The Little Egret feeds on a wide variety of invertebrates, as well as fish and amphibians. The Little Egret hunts in shallow water by shuffling a foot to stir up aquatic prey, which it then takes in a lightning-fast movement. It also chases small fish with its wings raised.


Breeding occurs in colonies with other waterbirds. A scanty nest of sticks is built over water. Both sexes incubate the eggs. Before fledging, the young birds are able to climb around or roost in branches near the nest.