Pink Cockatoo

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Habitat: Woodland


Pink Cockatoos live mostly in semi-arid and arid areas, in dry woodlands, particularly Mallee. They are also found in stands of River Red Gum, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, or Black Box, E. largiflorens, and on sand plains and dunes. Sometimes they are found in other areas such as Acacia shrubland with a spinifex ground cover, or Banksia heathlands.


Pink Cockatoos may live in much the same area all year round if there is sufficient water. They can be partly nomadic in arid areas, moving in response to the availability of food and water.


Pink Cockatoos live on a range of foods, seeds of grasses and herbaceous plants, fruit, roots, bulbs, and insect larvae.


Pink Cockatoos nest in large hollows in trees. The eggs (clutch size is 3-4 eggs) are laid on a bed of decayed wood, woodchips and bark. Male and female will chew at a tree hollow to enlarge it, and both will sit on the eggs while incubating them (Incubation is 26 days). Both males and females feed and preen the chicks. Breeding season is August-November.