Red-eared Firetail

Habitat: Forest


The Red-eared Firetail mainly inhabits dense, shrubby vegetation that occurs in association with streams within the eucalypt forests of Jarrah, Marri or Karri. During the non-breeding season, some may be seen in open Jarrah forests, away from riparian vegetation.


They are much less gregarious than other species of finches, usually occurring singly, and they are generally shy, quiet and rather unobtrusive.


Red-eared Firetails generally forage on the ground, among grasses or in shrubs. They eat seeds and very occasionally small insects pecked from the leaves of plants. They forage singly or in small flocks, and occasionally in congregations comprising dozens of birds. They very occasionally feed in the company of other seed-eating species, especially parrots.


After building a bulky, bottle-shaped nest of grass in a dense shrub, Red-eared Firetails lay between three and six white eggs, which are incubated by both sexes. The young birds are fed by both sexes.