Red Goshawk

Habitat: Woodland, Forest


Inhabiting tropical and warm-temperate woodlands and forests, the Red Goshawk prefers areas with a mosaic of vegetation types, often near wetlands. They often occur at the boundary between two vegetation types, and often favour forests or woodlands dominated by eucalypts or paperbarks. They avoid very dense or very open habitats.


Prey is usually captured by dashing out from a concealed perch among the foliage of trees.


Though Red Goshawks mostly feed on birds, they also occasionally take small mammals, large insects and reptiles such as frill-necked lizards and snakes. Though many different species of birds are eaten, they are said to favour Rainbow Lorikeets and Blue-winged Kookaburras.


One or two dull, bluish-white eggs are laid in a large nest of dead sticks, lined with twigs and green eucalyptus leaves. They are incubated by the female only for up to 43 days. The young are mostly fed by the female, but most of the food is provided by the male bird.