Red-winged Parrot

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Habitat: Woodland


Red-winged Parrots are found in open, dry woodlands, timber-lined watercourses and arid scrub, and sometimes in mangroves. They spend most of the day in trees.


The courtship display of the Red-winged Parrot is very colourful: the male circles the favoured female then lowers his wings to expose the blue patch on his lower back, which is usually hidden. He holds his feathers close to his body and contracts his pupils.


Red-winged Parrots feed on seeds, nectar, pollen and blossoms, insects and larvae. They forage in the canopy on the outer branches of flowering trees and shrubs. They occasionally come to the ground to drink or to eat fallen seeds.


Red-winged Parrots breed once each year. Eggs are laid in the hollow trunk of a tall tree, often near the ground. The nesting tree is usually close to water. The nest site may be a long way down from the entrance, which is high in the tree. Only the female incubates, leaving the nest to feed or to be fed by the male.