Rufous Whistler

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Habitat: Woodland, Forest, Urban


The Rufous Whistler is found in forests, woodlands and shrublands, with a shrubby understorey. Is also found in gardens and farmland with some trees, and in remnant bushland patches.



Sedentary bird, with some seasonal migratory movements in eastern Australia; south during spring and north in autumn.


The Rufous Whistler mainly eats insects, and sometimes seeds, fruit or leaves. It usually forages at higher levels than other whistlers, and rarely is seen on the ground.


The Rufous Whistler breeds in monogamous pairs, and both sexes incubate the eggs and care for the young. The female builds a fragile, cup-shaped nest from twigs, grass, vines and other materials bound and attached to a tree fork with a spider web. Two broods may be produced in a season.