Splendid Fairy-wren

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Habitat: Woodland


These birds live in arid to semi-arid areas, in mostly dense shrublands or woodlands of acacia, and mallee eucalypt with dense shrubs.


The nest is so small that the female’s long tail is bent during incubation. These birds are mostly sedentary, defending a territory all year, but the younger females may disperse to another territory. In some areas they are semi-nomadic, depending on local conditions.


Like most of the fairy-wrens, Splendid Fairy-wrens eat mostly insects and forage on both the ground and in shrubs. They live in groups that forage together.


The Splendid Fairy-wren female builds an oval domed nest of dry grass, strips of bark and rootlets, with an entrance two-thirds of the way up one side. The female is the only member of the group to incubate the eggs, but all members of the group feed the chicks.