Torresian Crow

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Habitat: Woodland, Forest, Rainforest, Coastal, Urban


The Torresian Crow is found on rainforest fringes, in open forests and woodlands, taller scrublands, beaches and in dry areas, along watercourses with tall timber. It is also found around farms and in croplands. It requires tall trees for nesting.


The Torresian Crow often perches on the heads of crop plants or on tall artificial structures and shuffles its wings when landing at a perch. It’s call is a nasal, staccato caw: ‘uk-uk-uk-uk’, usually more than three notes. They also have harsher ‘arr-arr-arr’ aggressive call.


The Torresian Crow eats the most grain, compared with other corvids, but will also eat fruit, insects and other invertebrates, eggs, garbage and carrion (dead animals). Often seen feeding along the side of the road.


The Torresian Crow forms monogamous breeding pairs that maintain a permanent territory. Both sexes build the nest, which is a bowl of sticks lined with grass, placed high in a tree (over 10 m) or artificial structure. The Torresian Crow’s nest is made of finer material than the other corvid species’. Both parents share feeding duties.