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Habitat: Woodland


The Weebill inhabits almost any wooded area, with the exception of the wettest forests, but favours open eucalypt forests. It spends most of its time in the canopy, in pairs or small groups. The birds stay in the same area throughout the year.


Weebills are seasonally sedentary birds. They move in flocks while they look for food.


Weebills move in active flocks, feeding mainly in the outer edges of the tops of trees. The bill is well suited to taking small scale insects from the leaves; other insect prey is also eaten.


The Weebill’s nest is a neatly woven dome, made from grasses and other fine vegetation. It has a narrow spout-like entrance towards the top. The interior of the nest is lined with feathers and soft vegetable matter. The female alone incubates the eggs, but both parents care for the young birds.