White-browed Woodswallow

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Habitat: Woodland, Heathland, Forest, Urban


The White-browed Woodswallow is found in a wide range of inland habitats, from eucalypt forests and woodlands to dry heaths and spinifex. It can also be found in farmlands, orchards and towns.


Woodswalllows roost together in tight clusters at night, as well as during cold weather and storms.


The White-browed Woodswallow eats insects, catching them on the wing or foraging in foliage or on the ground. Like other woodswallows, this species has a divided, brush-tipped tongue that can be used to feed on nectar from flowers.


The White-browed Woodswallow builds a loose shallow nest from twigs, grasses and roots, which is placed in a tree fork, hollow stump or fence post, about 1 m to 6 m above the ground. Both sexes build the nest, incubate the eggs and feed the young.