The 2023 BirdLife Australia Photography Awards finalists

Wednesday, 25 October 2023

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Drumroll please…

We’re thrilled to announce the finalists in the 2023 BirdLife Australia Photography Awards!

This year’s competition saw over 6,000 entries from some of Australia’s best bird photographers, and now, our judges have shortlisted their top 68 photos. Here’s a preview!

Stay tuned for the winners announcement in November.


View the shortlist gallery here


To the right of the frame, a blue and black male Superb Fairy-wren is perched on a gap in a wooden fence. His face is pointing upwards as he calls.
Song of the Superb by Nikki Kenwrick, shortlisted in the Backyard Birds category


In the middle of the frame, two Little Corellas are playing in the grass with eyes closed as though embracing. The bird on the right is lying on its side, claw outstretched, while the other rests its head on its wing.
Have you heard the one about… by Franciscus Scheelings, shortlisted in the Bird Behaviour category


A pair of Gang-gang Cockatoos calling with beaks open and crests extended. They are perched in a tree against a grey and white dappled background, and the male (right) has a red head and crest.
Gang Gang Jibber Jabber by Ben Harvey, shortlisted in the Bird Behaviour category


A close-up of a female Australasian Darter staring towards the camera, neck outstretched against a pale blue and white background.
Piercing by Colin Driscoll, shortlisted in the Bird Portrait category


A much larger Spotted Harrier (left) fighting a Brown Falcon (right) in the air. Both birds have locked talons and beaks open as they fight over their prey.
Where there is smoke there is fire by Martin Anderson, shortlisted in the Birds in Flight category


To the right of the frame, a female black-and-white- Carnaby's Black-Cockatoo is screeching in flight, facing left. Her silhouette is backlit against a dark background.
Shrieking Carnaby by Nathan Watson, shortlisted in the Birds in Flight category


Three Rainbow Bee-eaters perched on a tree branch, silhouetted against a pale background. To the right of the frame, the bird in flight is backlit and holding a dragonfly in its beak.
Rainbow Bee-eaters by Jason Moore, shortlisted in the Birds in the Landscape category


A female Australasian Darter is perched, back to us, on a wooden post with wings outstretched to dry. She is looking out towards a city water view and blue sky with patchy clouds.
Caped Crusader by Veronica McPhail, shortlisted in the Birds in the Landscape category


To the right of the frame, a Black-necked Stork is wading in water against a blue background. Behind it, an out of focus Great Egret is also wading with a fish in its beak. Both birds have one leg raised.
David & Goliath by David Stowe, shortlisted in the Special Theme category


To the right of the frame, a silhouetted Great Egret takes off from the surface of the water against a misty pink and purple sunrise reflected in the water.
Volitation into violet by Nathan Watson, shortlisted in the Birds in the Landscape category


To the left of the frame, a Peregrine Falcon is perched on the outside of a white, green and blue building, surveilling its surroundings.
Big City life by Joel Evans, shortlisted in the Human Impact category


To the right of the frame, a Beach Stone-curlew is sitting on the sand of a beach and staring at a pink Goat's Foot flower.
The stare by Spencer Hitchen, shortlisted in the Youth category


In the centre of the frame, a black-and-white Silver Gull in flight is scratching itself, its head tucked under its wing.
Wings spread by Tai M Photography, shortlisted in the Youth category


A huge thank you to Nikon Australia and Lake Cowal Foundation for sponsoring the 2023 Photography Awards, and to the judges of this year’s competition.

Congratulations (and good luck) to the finalists!