BirdLife Southern NSW 2023 AGM and Webinar

Monday, 1 May 2023

  • Estimated reading time 5 minutes

On 23 April 2023, the Annual General Meeting of BirdLife Southern NSW was attended online by approximately 38 people.

The Chair, Elisabeth Dark, provided her annual and conservation reports, while Cathy Goswell presented financial reports on behalf of Treasurer Peter Horne. These reports can be viewed at BirdLife Southern NSW AGM Reports.

Following the election guidelines approved by the previous committee, Returning Officer Elisabeth Karpus conducted the election of committee members for the 12 vacant committee positions.

All of the previous committee members declared that they would be happy to stay on, with the exception of Aaron Strickland (Secretary), who did not renominate. There was also a valid nomination from Alison Vandenbergh. So the following 11 members were appointed without needing a ballot: Ian Bailey, Karen Bayly, Elisabeth Dark, Cathy Goswell, Judy Harrington, Peter Horne, Iain Paterson, Alison Vandenbergh, Dan Vickers, Barry Walsh and Janice Ward.

The new committee met on 29 April 2023 to select office bearers and appointed Elisabeth Dark as Chair, Barry Walsh as Secretary, and Peter Horne as Treasurer. It also resolved to admit David Marquard as a committee member to fill the 12th position.

The AGM also featured three fascinating presentations by prominent BirdLife members: Matt Herring, Sue Proust, and Mick Roderick. You can view each one by clicking on the links here:

If you have any questions or wish to contact us, please email us at southernnsw@birdlife.org.au