BirdLife WA - Ethical Wildlife Watching and Photography

Wednesday, 2 August 2023

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General reminder: ethical wildlife watching and photography

Fellow bird lovers, there has been upsetting reports in the last few weeks regarding unethical photography practices of nesting birds. With the core breeding season for many of our feathered friends fast approaching, it’s important to ensure that, as a community, we continue to take the best steps to respect the birds we love and the habitats they live in. It’s easy to think that our impact does no lasting damage, but evidence suggests otherwise. Nesting birds are particularly vulnerable, and disturbance reduces the growth, health and chances of survival of nestlings. Like it or not, when out birdwatching and taking photos, we are all ambassadors for our environment to the rest of our community. We need to demonstrate that enjoyment of our natural environment shouldn’t be at the detriment of its inhabitants. Don’t be afraid to encourage others to change their ways for the better.

A link to BirdLIfe’s Ethical Photography Policy can be found here, and wildlife photographer Georgina Steytler shares her advice and guidelines for responsible wildlife viewing and photography here and here.