Birds to look out for this month

Birds to look out for this month | Wednesday, 25 January 2023

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Birds to look out for in February

What birds might you see this month? Here are a few to keep a lookout for…

  • Double-banded Plovers returning to south-eastern Australia
  • Black-faced Monarchs on passage through eastern NSW and south-eastern Qld
  • Departure of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers from Tasmania
  • Subantarctic penguins moulting on Australia’s southern coastline
  • Flocks of Hooded Plovers forming at coastal lakes in south-western Australia
  • Arrival of the first Swift Parrots on the Australian mainland

Interesting records from the past!

2/2/1985  Grey Petrel  |  Ballina, NSW  |  1st record for NSW

6/2/2011  Eyebrowed Thrush |  Malanda, Qld  |  1st record for Australia

15/2/1987  Barau’s Petrel  |  off Portland, Vic.  |  1st record for Australia

17/2/2009  Yellow Bittern  |  Christmas Island   |   3rd record for Australia

20/2/1977  Asian Dowitcher   |   Shoalhaven, NSW  |  1st record for NSW

22/2/1976  Grey Phalarope   |   Lake Woorinen, Vic.   |   1st record for Australia

22/2/2009  Papuan Spine-tailed Swift  |  Saibai Island, Qld   |   2nd record for Australia

22/2/2009  Yellow White-eye  |   Sawtell, NSW  |   1st record for NSW

28/2/1987  Audubon’s Shearwater   |   off Wollongong, NSW  |   1st record for Australia