Birds to look out for this month

Friday, 1 September 2023

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Birds to look out for in September

What birds might you see this month? Here are a few to keep a lookout for…

  • Small flocks of Yellow-faced Honeyeaters on southward passage along the Great Divide
  • Short-tailed Shearwaters returning to their breeding colonies in Bass Strait
  • Return of Dollarbirds in south-eastern Queensland
  • Eastern Koels and Channel-billed Cuckoos arriving back in NSW
  • Return of migratory shorebirds to north-western Australia
  • Arrival of Barn Swallows in northern Australia
  • Swooping Australian Magpies

Interesting records from the past!

02/9/2006  |  Antarctic Tern  |  Kangaroo Island, SA  |  2nd record for SA

03/9/2004  |  Rose-backed Starling  |  Lake Eda, WA  |  1st record for Australia

05/9/2002  |  Gurney’s Eagle  |  Saibai Island, Qld        |  4th record for Australia

11/9/2002  |  Common Kingfisher  |  Christmas Island  |  1st record for Australia

12/9/1967  |  Whiskered Tern  |  near Ouse, Tas.  |  1st record for Tasmania

14/9/1986  |  Bulwer’s Petrel  |  off Cape Nelson, Vic.  |  2nd record for Australia

20/9/1986  |  Hudsonian Godwit  |  Dry Creek Saltfields, SA  |  1st record for SA