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Shop the Nest gift guide: give a gift that gives back

Monday, 20 November 2023

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Shop the Nest gift guide 2023: bird gifts for bird lovers

Something for every bird and nature lover on your list from the BirdLife Australia shop

Give a gift that gives back this festive season

For kids

Bird soft plushies

These soft and cuddly bird toys will make great feathered friends for your little birdwatcher. Choose between a Laughing Kookaburra, Barn Owl, Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo or Sulphur Crested Cockatoo.

Bird mobiles

Bridget Farmer crafts enchanting Bird Mobiles featuring Superb Fairy-wren, Spotted Pardalote, and Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo designs. Constructed from robust layered plywood, each mobile showcases intricate bird details hand-printed from meticulously crafted lino plates.

Picture books

Explore the interactive and engaging world of Bridget Farmer’s delightful books, ‘The Beach Birds’ and ‘The Bush Birds’, featuring birdy riddles centered around Australia’s native avian wonders. Lift flaps to uncover information about birds along with insightful birding tips, adding an element of surprise and discovery. The illustrations, crafted from dry point etchings and hand-colored with watercolour paints, bring the stories to life.

Under $20

Australian Birdlife Magazine

BirdLife Australia’s quarterly magazine is full of fascinating articles on birds, birdwatching and bird conservation in Australia, and is illustrated with stunning photographs. It’s no wonder Australian Birdlife has won the Whitley Award for Best Publication many times.

Bird socks

Treat your feet with our collection of bird socks! Explore a selection featuring 14 beloved bird species, perfect for the foot loose bird lover in your life.

Bird pins

A nest best seller, and for good reason! Our charming bird pins are the perfect stocking stuffer, and a great way to keep your favourite bird on hand.

Under $30

2024 Calendar

Showcasing some of the best entries we’ve seen since our annual BirdLife Australia Photography Awards launched in 2018, sales of our calendar helps support our urgent conservation work around the country helping protect threatened Australian birds and their habitats. A perfect present for the booked and busy bird lover!

Tea towels

Delight your dish-drying routine with our printed native bird tea towels, thoughtfully made by Mokoh Design, The Linen Press and Shannon Dwyer.

Anti-collision Bird Sticker. Top image: what birds see, bottom image: what we see
Anti-collision Bird Stickers

Invisible to the human eye, these stickers stand out to birds when applied to windows, thanks to a special UV coating. As bird strikes on windows pose an ongoing threat to our wildlife, give the gift of bird hazard detection for our beloved birds!

Shop your 2023 gifts at store.birdlife.org.au. Profits from our store go towards our vital conservation work.