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Thursday, 15 December 2022

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Support BirdLife Southern Queensland (BSQ) with a purchase from our store

A very large percentage of BSQ profits are directed towards threatened bird initiatives in the whole of Queensland with a strong emphasis on any local species that are at risk of extinction in the near future.

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The 7th edition of our incredibly popular ‘Birds of South East Queensland’, 2023

A larger version of the favourite A5 size spiral bound birding book has arrived, with the inclusion of an extra 8 pages of birds. A separate section in pages 61 to 68 for photos of both Southern and Western Downs birds; for those birders who venture west above the Scenic Rim or live in these beautiful areas. Plus many photo changes for even better IDs.

  1. 396 photographs of 373 species recorded from 2010 until 2023 with the extra images being females of selected species. The birds which can be difficult to identify.
  2. A species index for easy searching, which also includes vagrant and pelagic species recorded.
  3. Ticking boxes under each photograph enabling you to keep a tally of your sightings.
  4. A list by region of special places around the area to assist you in finding birds.

NEW edition book ‘Birds of South West Queensland’, 2023

293 photographs of 259 species recorded in western Council areas. A great addition to your Birds of South East Queensland book. You now have available all recorded birds from the coast to the back of Birdsville.

Pin Badges: Eastern Curlew and Eastern Spinebill

Help us support these rare species under threat by purchasing a pin badge. Choose from three species:

  • an Eastern Curlew
  • a Painted Honeyeater
  • or an Eastern Spinebill

If you would like to place an order for the above, please get in touch and request an order form.