Australian Bird of the Year

What's your MP's favourite bird?

Wednesday, 4 October 2023

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We all have our favourite Aussie birds, and they all need our protection. Ask your local MP about their favourite bird and join us in calling for strong new nature laws to protect the birds and places we love.

What’s your favourite Australian bird?

It’s a hot topic, especially as we’re entering the final days of the fiercely competitive Australian Bird of the Year poll (don’t forget to vote for yours!)

It’s no easy decision, either. From tiny fairy-wrens to the mighty Wedge-tailed Eagle, Australia is the land of birds – home to over 800 bird species, almost half of which are found nowhere else in the world.

But now more than ever, our birds need our help. Today, almost 1 in 6 Australian bird species are at risk of extinction – including Bird of the Year finalists like the Critically Endangered Swift Parrot and Endangered Gang-gang Cockatoo. Australia’s birds are facing growing threats like climate change, fire, habitat destruction and predation by introduced species – and our national nature laws are failing to protect them.

But there is hope. Right now, our nature laws are being rewritten for the first time in decades – and the very same Federal MPs we need to pass strong environmental legislation each have a favourite bird of their own.

Now is the perfect time to ask your local MP about their favourite bird.

It’s not just a question – it’s a powerful tool to remind our politicians what’s at stake as they draft and prepare to vote on these new laws.

Three Powerful Owls perched in a eucalypt. The larger, darker adult is on the left of the frame beside the two downy white and brown chicks.
Our Parliament isn’t made up of owls, but its members can pass strong new nature laws that will protect them! Powerful Owl family by Andrew Silcocks
Use our handy email tool to contact your local MP about their favourite bird. 

Simply enter your address to find and contact your local MP and ask them about their favourite Australian bird. Then, personalise your email to ask them to take action to protect the birds and places we love.

Did you know that Anthony Albanese’s favourite bird is the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo? Help us put every Australian MP’s favourite bird on the map!