Program: Bushfire recovery

Kangaroo Island Bushfire Recovery

Kangaroo Island is a Key Biodiversity Area, home to a unique array of birdlife. The bushfires of 2019–20 burnt through almost half the island, directly impacting bird populations. BirdLife Australia is implementing a plan for bushfire recovery actions to save these birds and their habitats.

Birds that are endemic to islands are especially vulnerable to extinction. There are 16 birds that only occur on Kangaroo Island. The 2019–20 bushfires severely impacted these birds’ populations and habitats, and thus their ability to survive.

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Southern Emu-wren

The emu-wrens are named for their six wispy, emu-like tail feathers.

Striated Thornbill

The Striated Thornbill is a small thornbill typically seen actively moving through the foliage of eucalypts in forests and woodlands of south-eastern Australia.

South-eastern Glossy Black-Cockatoo Bushfire Recovery

South-eastern Glossy Black-Cockatoos had around 38% of their range impacted by the 2019–20 Black Summer bushfires. This project supports the post-bushfire recovery of the species in East Gippsland by protecting their short-term food supplies and increasing their long-term food security.