Australian Raven

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Habitat: Wetland, Coastal, Heathland, Forest, Woodland, Rainforest

The Australian Raven is found in all habitat types, except for the more arid areas of Western Australia and wet tropics of Queensland.

The populations of Australian Ravens in built-up areas have increased greatly in recent years.

Like Silver Gulls and Australian White Ibis, the number of ravens has boomed because of the proliferation of refuse generated by our materialistic, disposable society.

The degree of the population’s expansion is difficult to quantify — unlike gulls and ibis, ravens do not nest colonially, making it difficult to gauge the increase. It seems that by looking at the number of ravens regularly congregating at rubbish tips, it may be substantial.

The Family Corvidae has a wide-ranging diet that may consist of grains, fruits, insects, small animals, eggs, refuse and carrion; however, the Australian Raven is mainly carnivorous with only about 1/4 of its food coming from plants.

Australian Ravens construct a large untidy nest, normally consisting of bowl or platform of sticks, lined with grasses, bark and feathers. Both sexes construct the nest and feed the young. The incubation of the eggs is performed solely by the female, and only one brood is raised in a year.