Orange-bellied Parrot

Habitat: Coastal, Wetland


Orange-bellied Parrots live in coastal and sub-coastal areas, preferring peninsulas and islands. They live in low scrublands, shore heathlands and salt marshes as well as grassy areas. Sometimes they can be seen living in golf courses. They breed in patches of woodland dominated by Smithon Peppermints, Eucalyptus nitida among coastal heathland and button grass plains.

Other plants associated with this species, include:

  • Boronia citriodora
  • Gymnoschoenus sphaerocephalus
  • Acaena novae zelandiae


Juveniles form small foraging flocks and go to the mainland about a month later than adults. The Orange-bellied Parrot feeds on the ground or on low-growing shrubs.



Their food includes the seeds, fruits, flowers and berries of herbaceous plants, sedges and plants that grow in salty or alkaline conditions such as saltmarshes.


Orange-bellied Parrots nest in the hollows of eucalypt trees near button grass plains in southwest Tasmania. The female lays 3 to 6 eggs and incubates and broods the nestlings while being fed by the male every 2 to 3 hours. The male may then feed up to 5 km away from the nest site. Once the nestlings are about 10 days old, the female leaves them during the day and helps the male in feeding them. The juvenile birds leave the nest 4 to 5 weeks after hatching and may be fed by their parents before becoming independent.