Wetland Birds

This program focuses on the conservation of wetland and waterways and the birds they support.

Wetlands are crucial to Endangered birds like the Australasian Bittern,  as well as the Orange-bellied Parrot, one of Australia’s most threatened species.

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Painted Snipe Survey

By taking part in the Painted Snipe Survey, you can help us to fill the gaps in our knowledge about these cryptic, threatened birds.

Australasian Bittern

The Australasian Bittern lives in freshwater wetlands in dense beds of reeds and rushes, where their secretive nature makes them difficult to see.

Migratory Shorebirds

Australia's migratory shorebirds are incredible, many flying to and from the Northern Hemisphere every year. But sadly, because of the destruction of their habitats, hunting, and disturbance, their numbers have declined greatly.