Striated Heron

Habitat: Wetland, Marine


The Striated Heron is found in mangroves and intertidal flats. It can become tame around marinas and boat ramps.



This species has a characteristic hunched posture, pulling its head closely into its body, and flicks its tail downwards as it stalks prey on mudflats.


The Striated Heron feeds on crabs and other crustaceans, as well as molluscs and small fish. It stalks prey slowly, either standing and waiting for prey to emerge or may sometimes plunge at it from a perch, before stabbing it with its sharp bill.


The Striated Heron nests in mangroves, building rough, flimsy stick platforms about 3 m to 9 m over water. Both sexes share nest-building, egg incubation and care of young. Two broods may be raised in a season.