Toondah Harbour: save the bay

To protect the critically endangered Eastern Curlew and many other threatened species, it is vital that the Federal Government save Toondah Harbour. The Walker Corporation's proposal will permanently destroy many hectares of irreplaceable migratory shorebird feeding habitat.

CR Critically Endangered (CR)

Urge Minister Plibersek to save Toondah Harbour

Toondah Harbour is habitat for critically endangered Eastern Curlew and other migratory shorebirds and is at risk of getting destroyed by Walker Corporation’s plans.

The fate of Toondah Harbour’s precious Ramsar wetlands and birds is now in the hands of Environment Minister Plibersek.

Take action now. Simply:

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Join us in making it clear that this nature-destroying project must not be approved. Email Minister Plibersek today!

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