Toondah Harbour: Save the Bay

To protect the critically endangered Eastern Curlew and many other threatened species, it is vital that the Federal Government save Toondah Harbour. The Walker Corporation's proposal will permanently destroy many hectares of irreplaceable migratory shorebird feeding habitat.

CR Critically Endangered (CR)

Urge Minister Plibersek to save Toondah Harbour

Federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek has announced that she intends to save Toondah Harbour, by rejecting Walker Corp’s destructive project, pending a ten day public comment period.

The Minister has said she wants to hear from the tens of thousands of people who already made public comments on the proposal before her final decision. Let her and all of our Parliamentarians know directly that saving Toondah Harbour matters.

To help ensure the Minister follows through on her promise, simply:

  1.  Add your details to our handy form to find your Federal Representatives
  2.  (Optional) Add why saving Toondah matters for you
  3. Press ‘Send my email’ to email Minister Plibersek, and your local Federal MP and Senators.
  4. Share this page with your friends and family

It will only take you seconds, to help save Toondah forever!

So, please, use our easy tool to show the Minister and our Parliament that Australia wants Toondah Harbour protected.

Together, we can Save Toondah Harbour, forever!

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Add EPBC Public Comments

The Minister will make her final decision after a brief, ten-day, public comment period! Add your comments to help ensure the Minister follows through.

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