Surveying wetlands to learn more about the Painted Snipe

The Australian Painted Snipe is an endemic species to Australia, and the last few decades have seen its population decline. They inhabit many kinds of wetlands.

You can assist us in conserving these birds by getting involved in the Painted Snipe Survey. It’s easy to do, even if you don’t have much experience. We can provide you with a survey form and teach you how to gather valuable information about this poorly understood species.

You can take part in the Painted Snipe Survey in wetlands right across Australia

Previous analyses of records have indicated that Australian Painted Snipe mainly occur in inland wetlands where the water level is variable and intermittent, and there is some low cover provided by reeds and grasses. Nevertheless, they have been recorded from all types of wetlands, so they are all worth checking.

You can take part in the Painted Snipe Survey all year round. 90% of sightings take place between August and March, but we’d love to hear about where you’ve seen Painted Snipes no matter the month.

The purpose of the survey is the help scientists learn more about the Australian Painted Snipe, including its:

  • Behaviour
  • Habitat
  • Location
  • Breeding activity

Because there’s so much to learn about the Australian Painted Snipe, the survey is more in-depth than a regular bird count. We’re looking for information on things like:

  • Whether the birds are breeding
  • The state of their habitat (water salinity, water level, whether there are reeds)
  • Whether other species that associate with the Painted Snipe are present

We will provide you with the comprehensive survey instructions once you’ve registered to make it simple to conduct a survey.


Painted Snipe Survey Application