BirdLife Australia in the media: May

Tuesday, 4 June 2024

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BirdLife Australia in the media: May 2024

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Inside a library, to the right of the frame, a man with glasses and a black and white chequered shirt holds a book entitled 'The Big Twitch' with a woman (left), wearing a denim jacket and plaid hat with glasses.
Sean Dooley and his book The Big Twitch at a talk at Emerald Library. Photo by Stewart Chambers

Threatened species have declined 2% a year since 2000. Nature positive? Far from it. (The Conversation)

What is nature positive? And how will the Australian Government reach its nature positive targets with next-to-no-money in the federal budget for threatened species recovery? Leading Australian academics, including Professor Hugh Possingham (BirdLife Australia Vice President, former Queensland Chief Scientist and Chief Councillor with the Biodiversity Council), report for The Conversation.

In the centre of the frame, a rotund grey, black, white and rufous Malleefowl walks towards the camera with one leg raised, against a pale grassy background.
Populations of threatened species like Malleefowl have been falling steadily since 2000. Photo by Sallyanne Cousans

Amid growing concerns for these small bush birds, here’s how you can help (Better Homes and Gardens)

To the right of the frame, a tiny streaked Brown Thornbill hides among the bright green foliage of a flowering eucalypt, facing towards the camera.
Small bush birds like Brown Thornbills are experiencing habitat loss and degradation – but you can help. Photo by John McCormick

Bogey Birds (Breakfasters on 3RRR) 

In this podcast episode of Breakfasters on Triple R, Sean ‘the Birdman’ Dooley joins presenters Monique Sebire, Daniel Burt and Nat Harris to chat all things Bogey Birds.

In the centre of the frame, a fluffy round male Pink Robin is perched atop a mossy branch and facing the camera, revealing his distinctive bright pink chest and belly. The background is solid black.
Male Pink Robin by James White

Birds in the media:

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