Program: Urban Birds

Birds in Backyards

You may not know it, but there’s a lot you can do for Australia's birds from the comfort of your own home — from creating a bird-friendly garden to submitting a seasonal survey — you can make a difference by taking action in your own backyard. Find out more about the Birds in Backyards project.

Urban environments are built for people, but they’re not always good for birds. By conducting surveys and creating bird-friendly habitat, Birds in Backyards seeks to make our urban backyards better places for birds.

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Birds in Backyards Seasonal Surveys

Seasonal Birds in Backyards surveys are easy to do, only take 20 minutes, and provide useful information for protecting birds in our cities.

How to create a bird-friendly garden​

Conservation starts in your backyard. The plants that we choose for our gardens can provide most, sometimes even all, of the food, shelter and nesting resources that urban birds require. So when you are deliberating over which plants to add your garden, it’s useful to consider the following.