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BirdLife welcomes a new President and Directors

Wednesday, 31 May 2023

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BirdLife welcomes a new President 

The BirdLife Australia Board welcomed a new President, Mandy Bamford, and Vice President, Professor Hugh Possingham at the Board Meeting on 27th May, 2023.

Mandy Bamford is an Ecologist and Science Communicator who previously served as BirdLife’s Vice President. She succeeds Professor Martine Maron in the role; Martine will continue as a Director.

“It is an honour to serve as the President of BirdLife. I’m excited at the opportunity to help guide the growth and impact of BirdLife as we deliver on our exciting new strategy. I also want to acknowledge Martine’s leadership and her enormous contribution to bird conservation.”

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) celebrated BirdLife’s impact during 2022, including the translocation of the Western Ground Parrots, captive release of Regent Honeyeaters, expansion of the Birds on Farms Project, and campaigns to save Swift Parrot habitat, strengthen nature laws and stop the destruction of a Ramsar site at Toondah Harbour.

Two new directors were elected to the Board: Tuanh Nguyen, a senior legal partner who serves on the Governance Committee, and Penny McMullin, who has a strong financial and corporate background.

The Board farewelled Alanna Vivian and Duncan McKenzie and thanked them for their service to BirdLife. Professor Hugh Possingham was re-elected for another three-year term.

Several new awards were announced at the AGM, including:

  • Emeritus Professor Mike Clarke was appointed as a Fellow, in recognition of his contribution to the organisation through science;
  • Sheena Gilman became an Honorary Life Member, in recognition of her distinguished contribution to the objects of the organisation. She is a tireless and fearless volunteer advocate for bird conservation across Queensland;
  • Professor Robert Heinsohn was awarded the DL Serventy Medal, recognising his outstanding published scientific contribution to Australasian ornithology;
  • Roz Jessop received the JN Hobbs Memorial Meda for her significant contribution to amateur ornithology as a committed member of the Victorian Wader Study Group and Australasian Wader Studies Group;
  • Margaret Bennett, BirdLife Tasmania, received a Distinguished Service Award (DSA) for her dedicated volunteer work in the conservation of the birds on King Island;
  • Lachlan Garland, a volunteer librarian for over 15 years, received a DSA for his tireless work to ensure the HL White library retains key ornithological content;
  • Jane Robinson, a volunteer librarian since 2012, also received a DSA. Jane has applied her professional knowledge of library management to make the library the asset it is today; and
  • Annette Sutton, BirdLife Townsville, received a DSA for her contribution, including turning the The Drongo newsletter into a modern, interesting and newsworthy publication.

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