Birds to look out for in May

Thursday, 2 May 2024

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Birds to look out for in May

What birds might you see this month? Here are a few to look out for…

  • The last of the Metallic Starlings leaving north-eastern Queensland
  • Blue-winged Parrots in inland NSW  
  • Fairy Martins visiting northern Australia from the southern states  
  • Powerful Owls breeding in south-eastern Australia  
  • The formation of large ‘winter flocks’ of ravens  
  • Seabirds from Southern Ocean visible from southern coasts
  • Swift Parrots on the move across mainland south-eastern Australia in search of lerp and blossom
  • Robins moving into more open habitats throughout south-eastern Australia
  • Double-banded Plovers arriving in southern Australia
  • Migrating Arctic Jaegers visiting Victorian waters
  • Shy Albatross venturing closer to shore along the coasts of Tasmania and southern Australia
  • Thousands of Yellow-faced and White-naped Honeyeaters migrating north
  • Increasing numbers of Fluttering Shearwaters migrating to Australian coastal waters from New Zealand breeding grounds
  • Mature waterbirds flaunting their breeding plumage in the Top End
  • The last adult migratory shorebirds departing Roebuck Bay for their northern breeding grounds, thousands of kilometres away.
Four Swift Parrots in flight against a bright blue sky.
Critically Endangered Swift Parrots migrate from their Tasmanian breeding grounds to mainland south-eastern Australia, where they cover great distances in search of food. Photo by Rebecca Citroni

Interesting historical records:

6/4/2011  House Swift  |  Broome, WA  4th record for Broome  

3/5/2009  Dusky Warbler  |  Christmas Island 1st  |  record for Australia  

4/5/2013  Forest Wagtail   |  Alice Springs, NT |  2nd record for Australia  

4/5/1930  Superb Fruit-Dove  |  Raglan, Vic.  |  1st record for Victoria  

5/5/2009  Citrine Wagtail  |  Christmas Island  |  3rd record for Australia  

17/5/2009  Forest Wagtail  |  Christmas Island  |  1st record for Australia  

21/5/1981  Superb Fruit-Dove  |  Flinders Island, Tas.  |  3rd record for Tasmania  

22/5/2010  Semipalmated Plover  |  Tuross Head, NSW  |  1st record for Australia  

29/5/2007  Red-legged Crake  |  Whim Creek, WA  |  2nd record for Australia  

What birds have you seen?

Log your bird sightings on Birdata, our national bird monitoring program, and contribute valuable data to help Australia’s birds.

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