Birds on Farms

Birds on Farms assists rural landholders to identify, appreciate and manage birds and their habitats on their properties.

Farms and rural properties cover large parts of the Australian landscape. Managing this land in a way that benefits birds and their habitats can also see benefits to farm productivity, through helping combat issues that flow on from climate change, historic habitat loss and fragmentation, feral animals and drought.

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Threatened Mallee Birds

Home to a number of threatened birds, ‘The Mallee’ is a semi-arid zone centred on the Murray Mallee region of Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. It supports extensive and intact old-growth Mallee vegetation, although it has been affected by widespread habitat clearance and bushfires.

Swift Parrot

The Critically Endangered Swift Parrot is mostly bright green, with a dark-blue patch on the crown. Breeds in Tasmania and migrates to the mainland for winter.