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Looking for birdwatchers and landholders

We’re looking for experienced birdwatchers to conduct surveys on private properties in rural regions across southern Australia as part of our Birds on Farms program. We’re also looking for landowners who are interested in allowing us to conduct surveys on their properties. Landholders who are experienced birdwatchers can also undertake surveys on their own properties.

This is an exciting opportunity for skilled birdwatchers to contribute to bird conservation in rural areas by allowing landowners to gain an insight into effectively managing the birds and their habitats on their properties.

As a Birds on Farms volunteer, you will:

  • Survey sites every 3 months using the standard 20 minute-2 hectare method
  • Record the number of birds you see and hear
  • Complete a habitat form for each site as a one-off activity.

We’ll provide you with survey instructions and other relevant education materials once you’ve registered your interest.

If you’re surveying someone else’s land, we provide you with property and site maps and landholder contact details. You may also have the opportunity to mentor landholders who want to learn more about the birds on their property.


To do this role, you need:

  • Experience identifying and observing birds
  • A valid driver’s licence and transport
  • First-aid training and a first-aid kit

Who is this role for?

  • Experienced birdwatchers who are keen to contribute to bird conservation
  • Landholders who are open to allowing surveys on their property
  • People who live in, or can travel to, rural areas
  • Bird lovers who are interested in learning more about birdwatching

To register your interest as a volunteer or landholder, or to find out more about this opportunity, please fill out the below form.

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