Program: Urban Birds

Powerful Owl Project

Australia's largest owl, the Powerful Owl has a wingspan of up to 140 cm. In suburban Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, they're usually seen round remnant bushland, where they face issues including lack of nesting sites and collisions with cars and windows. We're securing a future for Powerful Owl

It’s hard to survive in the suburbs. Powerful Owls need ancient trees to nest in, and they roost during the day among dense leaves, but these trees are in short supply. Although they’re predators, Powerful Owls can be poisoned by rat bait.

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Powerful Owl

The largest of Australia’s owls, the Powerful Owl usually inhabits the moist forests of eastern Australia. Its main item of prey is possums of various species.

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The 2019-20 Black Summer bushfires devastated Gang-gang Cockatoo habitat. Subsequently, because of their diminished numbers, the Gang-gang Cockatoo was listed as an endangered species. This BirdLife Australia project is equipping Australians with the skills they need to help save these birds.