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About the Powerful Owl survey

Volunteers and citizen scientists are the lifeblood of the Powerful Owl Project. As a volunteer surveyor, you will locate or be allocated a Powerful Owl territory where you will observe the birds at their roost and nest trees. You and may also take note of other interesting observations, such as the prey they are eating. You will monitor owl breeding success by following a family through the breeding cycle from courtship to fledging.

With this data, the Powerful Owl Project can monitor Powerful Owl breeding in Greater Sydney and south-eastern Queensland and identify how to best conserve them.

Volunteers are also involved in advocacy, engaging the greater community in urban conservation and ways to minimise urban threats, such as habitat loss.

Monitoring of Powerful Owls occurs year round, but mostly during the Powerful Owl breeding season (March–November).

As a Powerful Owl Project volunteer, you will:

  • Monitor a Powerful Owl family throughout the breeding season
  • Monitor owl presence or absence
  • Collect ecological data
  • Participate in training workshops
  • Advocate for Powerful Owl conservation through educating and inspiring the general public
  • Train people to conduct surveys
  • Ensure the protection, conservation and ongoing improvement of Powerful Owl habitats

What do you need to participate in the survey?

To participate in the Powerful Owl Project survey, you will need to:

  • Take part in training, either online or in person
  • Have your own transport
  • Have some experience in identifying birds, although you will be given training specifically in Powerful Owls
  • Live near a powerful owl territory or be willing to travel to one
  • Agree to some basic ethical monitoring guidelines
  • Be able to monitor the territory you are watching at least 4 times during the year and input your sightings into Birdata

Who is this volunteer role suited to?

The Powerful Owl Project survey is open to all volunteers who would like to actively participate in conserving a threatened species.

  • Experienced birdwatchers
  • Bird enthusiasts
  • Conservationists and citizen scientists
  • People who live near Powerful Owl populations
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