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About the General Volunteer role

The Beach-nesting Bird General Volunteer role typically doesn’t involve bird monitoring/birdwatching, but focuses mainly on either office-based tasks or assistance with events or school visits, though it may also include field trips to weed sites where nesting isn’t occurring.

Such tasks might include:

  • Assisting in office duties
  • Data entry, vetting and preparing summaries
  • Assisting events (e.g. helping at a surf event or on a market stall)
  • Assisting with school visits/education
  • Assistance with social surveys and threat monitoring
  • Weed removal

As a General Volunteer, you will:

  • Help manage and collate important data
  • Educate the community on beach-nesting birds and ways to protect them
  • Work alongside the Beach-nesting Birds team

These roles typically don’t require training, but instead collaboration with, and advice from the Beach-nesting Birds team. Some of these activities will require participants to obtain a Working with Children Check (or equivalent for your state/territory) before you can participate.

Beach-nesting Bird General Volunteer requirements

For this general volunteer role, you will need to have:

  • Basic office/admin experience and high computer literacy (for office roles)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Record-keeping skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Good physical fitness (some roles may involve weeding and survey site upkeep)
  • Working with Children Check (for events and school visits)

Who this role is suited to

Anyone who has a passion and respect for beach-nesting birds should apply as a General Volunteer. The role is also suited to:

  • Everyone from beginners to experienced birdwatchers
  • Bird enthusiasts
  • People who are comfortable carrying out office work and clerical duties

Where can I take part?

There are around 900 important beach-nesting bird sites in Australia. To find your nearest site, contact us with your location and we will let you know.

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