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What is a monitor/citizen scientist?

A volunteer monitor typically commits to helping monitor a particular pair of birds, or a nominated beach. Alternately, they can travel to various sites, reporting on the birds’ behaviour, such as breeding, flocking or details of flagged/banded birds.

We aim to build a complete picture of specific breeding birds or nesting sites over an entire breeding season, which may entail weekly visits over the peak breeding months.

We understand that not everyone can spare so much time, so we some volunteers will be able to share monitoring duties. We encourage participants regardless of limits on their availability.

As a monitor/citizen scientist, you will:

  • Monitor a pair of breeding birds or a beach–or several sites–over time
  • Provide data about breeding activity and threats at breeding site/s, or flocking or leg flag details
  • Record sightings using the online ‘Mybeachbird’ portal or paper datasheets
  • Assist with additional research projects
  • Successfully complete online induction training (required for all Hooded Plover participants)

Where possible, attend a BirdLife Australia training workshop and/or one-on-one training with experienced staff/volunteers


To do this role, you need:

  • A Working with Children Check, if participating in Victoria
  • To own or have access to binoculars. If not, please contact BirdLife Australia’s Beach-nesting Birds team to discuss options for borrowing equipment.

Who is this role suited to?

Anyone with:

  • A keen eye and attention to detail
  • Patience
  • Record-keeping skills
  • Interest and aptitude in working independently

Where can I take part?

There are around 900 important beach-nesting bird sites in Australia. To find your nearest site, contact us with your location and we will let you know.

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