Birds to look out for in July

Wednesday, 3 July 2024

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Birds to look out for in July

What birds might you see this month? Here are a few to look out for…

To the left of the frame, a close-up male Flame Robin with a bright orange chest faces the right of the screen, against a pale orange background.
In south-eastern Australia, Flame Robins move from higher altitudes to more open lowland habitats in autumn and winter. Photo by James Matcott


Northern Australia:

  • The first flocks of Metallic Starlings returning to north-eastern Queensland 
  • Latham’s Snipe migrating from Japan to north-eastern Australia

Eastern Australia:

Southern Australia:

Western Australia:

To the left of the frame, a black, brown and white streaked Latham's Snipe with yellow-orange legs and bill wades through shallow water, against a pale brown blotchy background.
Latham’s Snipe begin to migrate to northern Australia from July. Photo by Lachlan Read

Interesting historical records from July:

7/7/1989  Grey Phalarope  |  Macgrath Flat, SA  |  2nd record for Australia  

12/7/1992  Grey Phalarope  |  Port Fairy, VIC  |  2nd record for Victoria  

13/7/1954  Blue Petrel  |  Maroubra, NSW  |  1st record for NSW  

18/7/1996  Red-capped Flowerpecker  |  Saibai Island, QLD  |  1st record for Australia  

21/7/1978  Antarctic Tern  |  Metricup, WA  |  1st record for Australia  

21/7/1991  Hudsonian Godwit  |  Lauderdale, TAS  |  1st record for Tasmania  

29/7/2008  Antarctic Tern  |  Southport, TAS  |  1st record for Tasmania 


Tell us what birds you see this month!

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